Alex (right) and her sisters Erin (left) and Carly (center) at the Woodbury Walk for Life in 2016.


Alex Jamieson is a Minneapolis-based senior auditor for a global accounting and consulting firm. She graduated from Augsburg University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Music Business. Active in her church and as a community soccer coach, Alex has recently joined the Board of Directors for New Path Mental Health Services, a non-profit mental health clinic specializing in abuse and trauma. Alex also volunteers with Walk Right In Ministries as an occasional speaker and regular encourager to families experiencing special needs. She is the oldest sibling to a sister who has Angelman Syndrome. During her high school years, Alex worked as a personal care assistant and has since become a strong advocate for her sister Carly and others who experience disabilities. She is passionate about reading, soccer and musical theater.




“I’m still in the process of learning how to embrace the wait. I’m digging into who God is as best I can, and it’s so fun to see new ways He’s choosing to love me.”

– from He’s in the waiting…


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