Here’s some context…


I’m not creative enough for a blog. That’s how I felt while picking a theme, creating a blog name, making post categories. I’m not good with naming things. Being clever in writing is too risky. Too permanent maybe. If you know me in real life, I say what I think and act like a goof without a care, but this is different. So this is just going to be one massive experiment. How far can Alex stretch outside her comfort zone this summer?


I’ve been thinking for a while that I should start a blog. For many reasons, a blog is exactly what I need. A place to write things down, get them out of my head. Maybe I should just get a journal. But to be honest, the thought that someone might be reading this helps motivate me. Hopefully someone will find me interesting or inspiring or entertaining at the very least.


The real reason I finally sat down and started typing is because of this summer internship. It feels like the great opportunities of my summer sort of just fell in my lap (although my mother would say it’s because I deserved them). I have the fantastic opportunity to intern full time with a prominent healthcare company in their corporate accounting department. I also get to participate in a student program with a large public accounting firm. Both experiences are going to teach me different things about accounting and business in general. I’m earning credit for the internship and that’s where the blog comes in. My genius advisor wants me to gain experience publishing content online and reflecting on how my internship connects to the music industry, both of which can be achieved and evaluated easily through a blog.


Some basic background about me (isn’t this what you do in blogs?). I’ve lived in Maple Grove, MN with my family my whole life. I have a mom, dad, and two sisters. One of my sisters has Angelman’s Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes massive developmental delays as well as various other issues such as seizures, digestive problems, and a sleep disorder, just to name a few. My other sister attends Belmont University as a songwriting major. If you want to read about her awesome adventures in the music world, her blog is here.

As for me, I’m a senior at Augsburg College, double majoring in Accounting and Business Administration: Music Business. It’s always entertaining to see the faces people make when they hear my majors. “What are you going to do with that?” “That’s a interesting combination.” Most people are intrigued by my choice in focus, and then there’s the few who chuckle and comment on the practicality of the Accounting focus. I don’t blame them. They’re right to a certain extent. That’s part of why I added the Accounting major. After acing my Intro to Accounting course, I figured if I’m one of the people who gets this stuff and actually enjoys it, I had better take my opportunity. Good money, job stability, the chance to travel. So. I went into college with one plan, and I’ll come out with a different one. Sound familiar to anyone? I think I’m doing college right. But really, my hope is to graduate and earn my CPA and spend some time in the public accounting world building my knowledge base. I’ve been told by many experienced people that 5 years in public accounting will teach you so much. Then once you’ve done that, you can really do anything. We’ll see what happens. I really think I’m going to find a home in the public accounting world. But I love that I will have the ability and the resume to do anything I want. Maybe at that point, I’ll circle back and join the music industry. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see!


As for this summer, I’ll be working full time starting in June, but I also have visions of grand adventures. I get to see old friends home for the summer, but I also have some new friends I got to know on choir tour to Ireland last week. I’m really hoping those friendships will continue to grow. I’ll be posting some stuff for my internship assignment, but I may also post from time to time about my summer adventures, movies or shows I see, really anything. Hopefully that’s enough context for you. Until next time…



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